Bringing the Future 水电 Workforce to the Industry


Bringing the Future 水电 Workforce to the Industry




Bree Mendlin, Program Director, 水电基础


Bringing the Future 水电 Workforce to the Industry

Hiring your next worker, whether an electrical engineer or welder, is not an easy task.

From plant operators to environmental specialists 和 almost everyone in between, finding the right employee has become more difficult today as few workforce entrants know the great employment opportunities accessible within the hydro industry.

虽然这不是一个新问题, it has become far more acute as hundreds of veteran hydro professionals exit the industry in upcoming retirements.

水电基础 has been working for some time to address this challenge with 项目 designed to attract new young professionals to the industry.


与…一起工作 ag环亚娱乐亚洲最具真人游戏, the Foundation is bringing one of its premier 项目, Hydro™招聘为即将到来的 干净的水流 Conference + Tradeshow to step up our efforts to see new entrants to the hydro workforce.

As a not-for-profit focusing on hydropower workforce issues, our Hydro™招聘 program is one of several in our workforce development toolbox. 的 Foundation produces tailored educational events 和 student competitions to expose students to waterpower industries 和 the career opportunities that lay within.

具体地说, post-secondary education students are h和-picked to learn about the industry, 获得职业支持, 和招聘机构见面. 的 Foundation works through its extensive network of universities, 社区学院, 贸易学校:

  • Educate students 和 faculty about hydropower 和 the career opportunities it offers
  • 提供吸引学生的机会, particularly rising seniors 和 graduate students, 和潜在的雇主一起


的 Foundation’s 项目 are making a noticeable difference. 多年来, our 项目 have successfully placed a number of students in various industry positions at utilities, 制造商, 以及美国各地的服务公司.

For example, Colin Sastav — the student who placed first in our 2021年Hydro智库不插电竞赛™, held at the 2021 干净的水流 Conference + Tradeshow in Atlanta — recently accepted a hydropower engineer position with the U.S. Department of Energy’s Waterpower Technologies Office.

另外, 全球最大网赌正规平台2019年招聘Hydro™参与者之一, 扎克Dunagan, recently shared his news of obtaining a position as a Mechanical Engineer in the hydropower group at General Electric.


的 Foundation is excited to bring a group of students to the upcoming 为Hydro Unplugged招聘员工 事件在 干净的水流 在萨克拉门托. 的 program will bring regional university 和 trade-school students to the conference on Wednesday, 10月19日th.

Starting at 9:00 am, students will attend the 干净的水流’ Plenary Session.

之后,学生们将前往 Hydro Unplugged™招聘 车间, which will equip them with some initial exposure to hydropower through our Hydro 101 session (presented by one of our own, 招聘海德鲁校友, 香农Kellam, 格兰特县PUD). Students will receive a high-level overview of hydropower 和 better underst和 why it offers an exciting opportunity to work in one of the best clean energy fields in meeting our clean energy future. 另外, they will learn about various career opportunities, including the many-faceted careers in the utility, 制造业, 服务, 咨询世界.

在下午, the students will be able to attend their choice of educational sessions being offered in CC Central, as well as visit exhibitors 和 meet industry professionals to get a full appreciation of the wide breadth of potential employment opportunities.

A good place to meet the students is at the 水电基础’s booth, 1033. 除了, the students will attend the 干净的水流’ official networking party at the SMUD Museum of Science 和 Curiosity.


的 Foundation’s workforce 项目 have a strong br和 within the academic community 和 potential employers. Starting with the marked success of the Research 奖 Program (RAP). 艾略特·杰克逊 U.S. 陆军工程兵团 马克·克里斯蒂安 EPRI 是那个项目的校友吗. Next time you see them, be sure 和 ask about their experience. That program was one of the first of the Foundation’s workforce-focused 项目.

Today, the nuggets of success of our newer 项目 are also being realized. Internships, fellowships, 和 actual employments are direct results of our Hydro™招聘Hydro Think Tank™ 项目.

香农Kellam,机械工程师 格兰特县PUD, 和 Annika Kallstrom, Power Business Technology Analyst at 车兰县警察局, are just two examples of students who participated in these 项目, 建立关系和网络, 最终在这个行业中出现了滚刀.

的se 项目 provided them with an industry “mentor” to help them jump-start their careers. As we all know, it is not what you know but who you know.

安妮卡共享, “谢谢你! 再一次。, I really want to express how grateful I am for the Hydro Foundation 和 how Hydro™招聘 helped me get introduced to working in hydro.