Asset Owners To Unveil Investment Plans during 干净的水流’ Meet 和 Greets


Asset Owners To Unveil Investment Plans during 干净的水流’ Meet 和 Greets




Jeremy Chase-Israel, Content Development Specialist, 全球最大网赌正规平台


Asset Owners To Unveil Investment Plans during 干净的水流’ Meet 和 Greets

A current focus of the hydro industry is to improve 和 enhance the existing fleet of assets, 尽可能增加容量, 和 ensure the safety of all components of these assets. 

通过赠款增加资金, 税收抵免, 和 direct pay provided in two laws passed in 2022 (the Infrastructure 和 Investment Jobs Act 和 the Inflation Reduction Act) – is expected to jumpstart electromechnical, 民事, 和 environmental work at hydro projects throughout the United States. 

上周就是一个例子 公告 由美国.S. 能源部的13美元.5 million in incentive payments to be provided to 55 hydroelectric facilities for adding or exp和ing power generating capabilities. DOE says the payments announced last week mark a record number of recipients. 

在即将到来的“被业界”, for the industry” 干净的水流 Conference + Tradeshow, multiple asset owners will be on h和 to share what they have planned in terms of future capital investments. 

This information sharing takes place in the Innovation Power House during “Meet 和 Greet” sessions. 


“It’s an informal setup – attendees st和 around a presenter, who is st和ing next to a kiosk. The presenter is basically interacting with attendees via short snippets (~30 minutes) of content. This approach was well received at the inaugural event, 而且全球最大网赌正规平台还在不断增加,玛拉·巴恩斯说, vice president of member 和 industry engagement for the ag环亚娱乐亚洲最具真人游戏, which owns 和 delivers the 干净的水流 event. 

The “Meet 和 Greet” sessions take place throughout Wednesday, October 19, 和 Thursday, October 20. 

所有六个 主人公用事业 of this year’s 干净的水流 will each participate in a Meet 和 Greet session. Together, these entities own two-thirds of all the hydropower in California.  


  • 美国垦务局.S. 内政部 
  • 加州水资源部 
  • 北加州电力局 
  • 太平洋天然气和电力公司 
  • SMUD萨克拉门托市政公用事业区  
  • 羽坝水务局 

超越主机实用程序, 其他资产所有者, including Grant County Public Utility District, 消费者能源公司(CMS Energy), 和美国.S. Army Corps of Engineers, will be featured in “Meet 和 Greet” sessions. 

A full list of the Meet 和 Greet sessions are available 在这里. 

Each asset owner will each share specifics of their capital investment pipelines. Attendees will be introduced to the staff at each asset owner who will be responsible for procuring the services 和 products required for this work 和/or responsible for managing these capital improvements. Attendees can interact with those team members 和 find out more about the specific plans. 

干净的水流 is the only event I know of offering this valuable insight from asset owners in this ‘intentional networking’ structure 和 in this comprehensive a manner.巴恩斯说. 


In addition to the “Meet 和 Greet” sessions with asset owners, 全球最大网赌正规平台 is working with the U.S. 陆军工程兵团提供了一个 半天的研讨会 specifically for both large 和 small business contractors to gain insight on current 和 future Corps’ prime 和 subcontracting opportunities. 

The workshop is on Tuesday, October 18, from 1 p.m. 至下午五点半.m. 

美国.S. Army Corps of Engineers is the largest generator of hydropower in the United States, with 75 hydropower-facilities housing 356 individual generating units. These assets generate more than 70 billion kilowatt-hours per year of clean renewable energy … enough to power 10 cities, 每个都有西雅图那么大.

The Corps is continually looking to buy products 和 services to keep these hydro assets operating effectively 和 safely.  

This workshop will help companies wanting to sell their products 和 services to the Corps to work through the process. 

Anyone registered to attend 干净的水流 is automatically registered for this workshop – no extra fees required. 

“This workshop will be especially useful to representatives of companies providing services 和 products who want to 做生意 with one or more of the Corps’ divisions 和 districts,巴恩斯说. 


To learn more about all the content offerings at 干净的水流, 将于10月17日举行, 2022, 在萨克拉门托, 请查看 时间表 欲了解更多详情,请点击 点击这里 注册. 

干净的水流, ag环亚娱乐亚洲最具真人游戏’s waterpower + tradeshow, was created as gathering place for all sectors of the waterpower industry. 通过提供一个集会的空间, 常规水电专业人员, 抽水蓄能, 小水电, 和 marine energy can learn from one another, 做生意, 和网络.